The Void

by Oak Pantheon

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released July 12, 2011

Music by Sami Sati and Tanner Swenson
Engineered by Sean Golyer
Produced by Sami Sati, Tanner Swenson, and Sean Golyer
Mastered by Tom Smouse
Album Art by Jessie Carlson




Oak Pantheon Minneapolis, Minnesota

Powerful melodic movement combined with vivid lyrical imagery create what the band hope is an unforgettable, atmospheric means of escape.

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Track Name: In the Dead of Winter Night
The air is cold and thin
In the dead of winter night
A woman standing still
In a dress of purest white
Her beauty was unmatched
But her heart was black as coal
A gorgeous outer shell
To a body with no soul

I woke up to her touch each and every day
Her skin changed precious white to a dismal dying grey
Unlatched the golden clasp that held her rotting cloak
And from the heartless void poured a putrid poison smoke

I fell through the trees
My body lurched as I hit the forest floor
I fell to my knees
All hope was gone, faith abandoned

I woke up to her touch each and every day
Her eyes changed deepest blue to a grim and empty grey
The spirit left my body
And walked into the sun

Sorceress, Spell-weaver
Masterful deceiver
Shameless lie believer
Punishment receiver
Track Name: Fear Me
I manifest myself in your nightmares
A frigid sweat drips burning in your eyes
Slow death for a man who tells many secrets
Even slower for the man who tells only lies

The wicked blade runs down your spine
A skulking shadow of fear

Climb the branches of your family tree
And count the number still alive
Flames of time burn the broken limbs
And burn the leaves of those who've died
Now the blood flows into my hands
The mortal coil rests in my palm
A lake of fire
Blood flows into the stream

Hell awaits the sinners, but earth contains the slaves
Servants of war, hate and bias to blame
Throughout mankind one thing remains the same
You will die and fear me
Track Name: Architect of the Void Pt I
From the top of this tower I've watched it for so long
Aeons corrupted as the world rots away
A shade of indifference casts forth reflections
A mirror of thought, abandoned and destroyed
Refuge of loneliness, barren and forlorn
Sculptor divine, who carves a black hole
They'll come back screaming, demented and deranged
Lurk in the shadows malicious man from the sky

Forging nothingness since the time when stars were born
You look down on us until the world dies
Your grand creation did nothing but damn us all
You painted the earth with the blood of every man
There's no room for hope when looking through the eyes of death
We'll all be consumed, wanderers of the void
You reform the clouds to show a glimpse of heaven
You'll show no mercy, architect of the void.

I will journey past the stars to find you
I know you will be there waiting
You have answers that will tell us why
This world is filled with nothing but lies
Track Name: Refuge
Track Name: Architect of the Void Pt II
As I walked through the void
I put all fears aside
Hoping to find what made
The azure unclouded sky

Oh grand pantheon
Where have you gone?
A crowd stands before me
They're all dressed in black
One man moved before me
His hands held the stars
Right before my eyes
I watched him as he ripped the world

Such a feeble thing is man
In the mercy of a god
The wisdom we've repressed
No reason comes to mind

I've been longing... for what, I don't know
A grim solitude dismantles my soul
I want everything, the world and the sun
To know how it was made and why!?