In Pieces

by Oak Pantheon

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H.L. This album is an emotional rollercoaster. In one moment you want to close your eyes, sink in a melancholic dream while dropping a furtive tear and in the next you want to clench your fist and shout "I'm not the only one!"

OP combine numberless dark music styles and vocals from black to ambient metal to progressive but always fluent and - most important - deeply moving compositions.

Only few bands, like Enslaved or Borknagar, are able to play on such a high level. Potential album of the year! Favorite track: Enormity.
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Spinebrain I have loved and supported these guys from day one and needless to say this album blew me away. Great progression and achievement in songwriting. Hope these guys make it big! Favorite track: Climb.
Matthew Rafferty
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Matthew Rafferty Crafting an absolutely enthralling collection music, Oak Pantheon have delivered one of the most engaging atmospheric black metal albums I’ve heard to date. Each track strikes balance between hypnotizing and ferocious, Earthly and astral. Twists and turns that flow seamlessly rock you into a meditative state like laying back on a boat on an isolated sea. This album is a journey; a journey that will leave one changed. Outstanding instrumental performances to boot! Favorite track: GodSon.
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"Changed, and yet unchanging, it’s precisely this paradox which is at the centre of In Pieces, a compelling enigma which necessitates multiple spins to truly appreciate and comprehend.
It’s an album of the year contender, make no mistake about it." - Andy Synn, NO CLEAN SINGING

"The album has the right amount of ferocity and clarity, balanced and heavy and is intense at all levels of listening.... Great album." - 9/10,

"Occasionally hard-hitting and always leaving an emotional impact, In Pieces is easily Oak Pantheon’s strongest effort to date. There’s so much that the band gets right here, particularly in their writing of the multiple 10-minute plus tracks, that so many other bands in this style completely botch. Those seeking an album with triumphant riffs and resonating melodies will find much to celebrate." -9/10, Dead Rhetoric

"In Pieces is an outstanding album that is both a bold statement and at the same time a promise of what this duo might still be capable of in the future." -9/10, The Metal Observer


released May 16, 2016

Tanner Swenson: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drum programming
Sami Sati: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Sean Golyer: Mixing/Production
Mastered by: Adam Tucker of SignatureTone Recording (
Guest Musicians

Reuben Verdoljak: Cello on "Dawn as a New Day", "Climb", "Enormity", and "Burden of Growth"

James Benson (Amiensus, Fail to Decay): Clean vocals on "Float" and group vocals on "Pavor Nocturnus"




Oak Pantheon Minneapolis, Minnesota

Powerful melodic movement combined with vivid lyrical imagery create what the band hope is an unforgettable, atmospheric means of escape.

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Track Name: Dawn as a New Day
She does not answer
Lips are pale and still
Mother can’t feel my arm
She has no pulse, nor will

If I could see dawn as a new day
If I could see past this strife
These patterns in life unchanging
If I could usher in a new age
And see beyond today
If I could gather the strength
To move on

Life’s thread was broken
I hear you calling
No waking up now, as this nightmare unfolds
I cannot bear

I don’t belong here
Please don’t go
This world is not my own
Take me home

If I could see dawn as a new day…
Track Name: Climb
I am not the only one…

I am not the only one
To foresee the fall of God
I am not the only one
To take pride in all I’ve found
I am not the only one
To feel pain from all I’ve found
I am not the only one
To know faith from all I’ve found

I am not the only one…

Receive a calling
It’s not secondhand
How can I know for sure?
I know I know for sure

Shrouds the sky
Born from lies
Breed hive mind
God on high

(Excerpt from “The Shrinking Man”)
So close, the infinitesimal and the infinite
But suddenly I knew they were really the two ends of the same concept
The unbelievably small and the unbelievably vast eventually meet
Like the closing of a gigantic circle
I looked up, as if somehow I would grasp the heavens, the universe, worlds beyond numbers
God’s silver tapestry spread across the night
And in that moment I knew the answer to the riddle of the infinite
And I felt my body dwindling

Pupils amass, give all to your Father
Give all you’ve got, don’t succumb to greed
It’s not enough, you must do more
Serve me, your spirit be free

I can’t reason with the truth
I was never meant to make it this far


Mortal decay
Wasting away

Track Name: Float
Escape this world
Beckon spirits
Heathen or no

Without alarm, without a warning
Constricted mass exploding
My path diverging and I'm wandering
I’ve lost my way and I’m still floating

They told me to repent my sins
They told me to believe
I was wrong, but I won’t take it back
Don’t need you to take me

I won’t do your will
I won’t get down on my knees
I am so far away
Endless space surrounds me

I’ll float for eternity
Track Name: Enormity
Where strides behemoth?
Where damage massive dwells
Wake fills with ocean
Level plain with crushing swells

Enormity crashes through the mountains
Avalanche washes over its feet
Fields destroyed

Monstrosity wanders ever inward
Razing the town in single stride
Gaping void

I see it
I hear it
I fear it

Turn around and grab the nearest weapon
Pitchforks and torches and the mob is on its way
To kill the beast and mount its head upon a spire
A monument to those who conquered sin

In pieces
We must rebuild
Track Name: Grasp the Apparition
Return to conscious
A brief sigh of regret
The events that occurred
Nothing more than a dream

I lie awake contemplating
Watching the hour hand
As it crawls reluctantly
In endless circles
Go through the motions
And brood the sunlight
Waiting for night to arrive
So that the next musing can begin

Falling forever
This world is not real
Run from your fears
This world is not real
I hope it’s not real

Wake up startled
Sweating, heart racing
Expecting to see everyone
And everything still here
How could something that felt so real
Just be in my head
The realm of reality
Ruled by failure and death

Why even wake up?

Return of the fallen
This world is not real
Grasp the apparition
This world is not real
Why can’t it be real?

This wasteland goes on forever
Every way I look
Endless horizon

Structures change form
The end of gravity
Time shattered the aeons
Faces shift shape
And nothing is real
Track Name: Pavor Nocturnus
A plague of the mind
Phantom glares
The night is young
Can’t escape this hell

I can’t walk
I can’t crawl
I mean nothing
I am nothing

Unable to move
Shadows with disfigured faces
Limbs thrash
A cadaverous shriek

A blight on the soul
Spirits swarm
Apparition dissolves
The visions are dead

A life filled with regrets
An awful burden for such a weak soul
I can’t move
It’s all just in our heads
Even if this sorrow overwhelms
I must move

Slash at their flesh, rip off their limbs, crush all their bones
This world is not real
Burn off their skin, slice through their skulls, harvest their souls
This world is not real
Track Name: Burden of Growth
You are my world

I can’t begin to understand your self-destruction
This must not go any further, but I’m not in control

With black cloud above me, here I stand
Knee deep in the quickened sand

You are my world
Track Name: GodSon
She said to start the revolution
Spread the word across the seas
Scream our rebel yell in protest
Bring this evil to its knees
We are the chosen ones
At least that is what we’re told
She promised change, a new beginning
To cast aside the ways of old

You go, I don’t

Detractors say the cause is futile
We’ll never stop their evil ways
But we must tip the scales of justice
In equilibrium it stays
I remain ignorant
To this devastating truth
Everything hangs in the balance
And we have everything to lose

You go, I don’t